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How To Make Perfect Elevator Pitch When Applying For Job In Norway

Post Author Dejan Mladenovic by Dejan Mladenovic | Last Updated: April 30, 2021

When you search for Job and want to apply for one in Norway a good Elevator Pitch is an extraordinary important self-marketing tool to convince the contact person that you are the candidate to be considered for the job. The idea with a good pitch is to grab the attention in a short period of time between 30 seconds up to 5 minutes usually while making a phone call to a Job Vacancy contact person.

What Should Be Included In Elevator Pitch

The Elevator Pitch structure is straightforward and has several sections or parts.

Elevator Pitch Sections

  1. Facts
  2. Education
  3. Working Experience
  4. Strengths & Motivation
  5. Free-time interests & hobbies
Elevator Pitch structure infographics

Now when you know the main structure you can dive into each of the section’s structure.

1. Facts

The facts section should be short and include the following information:

2. Education

Speak about the education relevant for the position and you can start this section as:

My education is….

or in Norwegian

Min utdanning er…

3. Working Experience

You should focus on duties and responsibilities in your experience that are relevant for the position you are applying for. If you have done a thorough job advertisement analysis it will be no challenge for you to bring them up. You can start this section as:

I have worked in the last XX years with…

I have excellent experience with X & Y with a focus on… 

or in Norwegian you can start as such:

Jeg har jobbet i siste XY år hos…

4. Strengths & Motivation

Again if you have done proper job advertisement analysis from your previous step then you have no issue listing your strengths and motivation.

Try to present your strengths in a way so the employer can see how they can benefit from them.

Say something about your motivation to apply for this position.


Make bulleted points and tailor them based on the position so they are relevant.

REMEMBER:  Job Vacancy Analysis.

If you are struggling with presenting your strengths please read our article Value Based Communication and STAR Presentation Method. I am pretty sure that these presentation techniques, as well as some tips laid out in the mentioned articles, will boost your chance to make a great impression.

5. Free-time interests & hobbies

At the end you can mention your free-time interests or hobbies starting with:

In my free time, I like to…

Elevator Pitch Infographics

Elevator Pitch Training

As much as it is important what you are saying it is even more important how you present what you are saying.

You need to train your presentation as much as you can up to the point where you have not focused anymore on what you are saying rather how you are saying and presenting.

Just remember what is happening with your message (presentation or pitch) over time from the beginning stages when you prepare your presentation, actual presentation, how the message has been received and how much of the message will stick on the receiving part over time.

Memory pyramid infographics

There are several situations in Job Search Process when a good Elevator Pitch is absolutely essential and they are:


Replace all italic words with your own and adjust the pitch to your needs.

Jeg er Navn, XY år gammel, bor på område i Oslo og jeg er gift og har et barn som er XY år gammel. Jeg kom til Norge for 5 års siden.

Min utdanning er yrke og jeg har mange års erfaring innen ulike stillinger som stillinger med oppgavene med hoved fokus på nøkkelord.

Jeg har jobbet i XY år hos bedrift som stilling og der fikk jeg god erfaring med nøkkelord systemet med fokus oppgavene.

Hos bedrift jobbet jeg som stilling i XY år og hadde ansvar oppgavene hos kunder. Det var også mye kundekontakt og jeg sittet fast hos kunde 90% av min arbeidstid.

Min motivasjon på stilling er min interese i nøkkelordene og mulighet å forbedre min erfaring på de.

Som person er jeg: strukturert, analytisk, målrettet og ansvarsfull og det betyr at jeg håndterer sakene mine på en god måte og at jeg dele, prioritere og jobber systematisk med oppgavene mine og finner løsninger når det oppstår utfordringer. Dette gir effektiv bruk av arbeidstiden, god kvalitet og letter hverdag.

Useful Vocabulary

Here are some useful words in Norwegian used in this text.

3Professional ExperienceYrkeserfaring
4StrengthsSterke sider
6Free-time interestsFritidsinteresser

Good To Know

When you are preparing your presentation for delivery usually most of your time is spent on what you will say (95%) rather than how you will say it (5%).  So if you want to turn the game in your favor you will focus on presentation skills since you have a template on how to write your Elevator Pitch.

Next Step

Armed with a good Elevator Pitch and after Analyzing Job Vacancy you have prepared your questions so you are ready for your next step in the Job Search process and that is to phone call the contact person and make the first impression.

Good Luck with your Job Search!

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