Brand Style Guide

Everything you wanted to know about Norway but didn’t know who to ask. We have moved to Norway in 2008 and we hope that you will find useful pieces of information through our relocation and travel experiences written on this website so your journey can be a joyride… Hop in!

Logos With Dark Blue Background

Norway Abroad Logo With Dark Blue Background
Norway Abroad Logo Symbol With Dark Blue Background

Transparent Logos

Norway Abroad Logo Transparent
Norway Abroad Logo Symbol Transparent

Logos should only appear on white (#FFFFFF) or Norway Abroad Dark Blue background (#25274D)

Norway Abroad Logo Visual Identity

Logo Symbolism

Logo symbolize letters N & A and two mountain peaks. The peak in letter A has a stylized road up, river, stream, or waterfall. Norway is a country of mountains, fjords, and natural beauty.

Norway Logo Symbolism Explained

Logo Fonts

Norway Abroad uses Cobiassi font in the logo symbol.

In the Norway Abroad wordmark, Norway is the primary word and the font used Free Serif bold italic

In the Norway Abroad wordmark, Abroad is a secondary word, and the font used Free Serif italic.

Norway Abroad Logo Fonts Used With Samples

Logo Colors

Dark Blue Background

Pink Symbol

White Wordmark

Norway Abroad Logo Color Schema

Website Colors

Dark Blue Body


Light Blue

White Font




Website Fonts

Norway Abroad uses the Futura, Helvetica Neue-Light, and Georgia font. If that’s not available, the backups are Helvetica, Arial, and Garamond. No other font should be used with the Norway Abroad brand.

The standard text size on the articles is 18px with a 30px line-height. This subject to change.